• Help us rebuild Cateura

    Intense rains cause
    landslide that collapses
    community music school

    60 children left without classrooms

"The landslide caused significant material loss in the building structure and more than 50 musical instruments"
Favio Chávez

In the early hours of Monday, September 4, a powerful landslide caused by heavy rains destroyed part of the school where the Cateura Recycled Instrument Orchestra operates in Paraguay, internationally famous for turning landfill waste into pieces with which they play their music.
We need your help

We want to rebuild the collapsed classrooms, lost instruments, and the children's dreams

Deadline: 30 days
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"The school was built with the help of many people, and in the same way, we will rise with the help of everyone"
Favio Chávez

What will we do with the funds raised?

Acquire materials and equipment

With the support of

Rebuild the destroyed classrooms

And create a retaining wall with the support of our community

Recover more than 50 musical instruments

With the support of our luthiers, teachers, and school friends


"The world sends us garbage, we send back music"
Favio Chávez